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We utilise the most updated scientific research to help you achieve your strength and muscle targets in the most efficient way possible. 

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Golf is a game that demands a combination of finesse, precision, and athleticism. While technique and skill are undoubtedly important, it is the strength and speed behind your swing that can truly take your performance to the next level.


Why Strength

Increased Swing Speed

More speed means more distance. Targeted strength and power training can develop explosive force.

Enhanced Stability and Control

A solid foundation allows you to maintain proper balance and transfer energy efficiently leading more consistent swings.

Injury Prevention

Stronger muscles, tendons, and ligaments reduce the risk of common golf-related injuries providing more longevity in the game.

Our Methodology.


At Macro Golf Online, we offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to strength and power training specifically designed to enhance your golf swing.


Our certified TPI golf fitness coaches combine their expertise in golf biomechanics and exercise science to create personalized training programs that target the key areas necessary for optimal golf performance.

Through a combination of resistance training, plyometrics, core stabilization exercises, and functional movements, we'll help you develop the strength, power, and speed needed to unlock your full golfing potential. Our programs are designed to accommodate golfers of all ages and skill levels, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our training methods.

What our clients are saying


PGA Proffesional, Hanbury Manor 

Sam’s knowledge & delivery is spot on. We made an assessment then an easy plan to stick to. I’ve lost a stone in weight in short space of time. I feel stronger and fitter in myself.


18hcp, Highgate

Sam has been instrumental in helping me overcome my injuries and regain my strength on the course. His tailored approach to fitness has made a significant difference in my game.


 7hcp, Barnet

Sam is a fantastic trainer who takes the time to understand each client's unique needs and goals. He has helped me gain muscle and improve my golf game in ways I never thought possible.

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