Unlock your best golf.


Elevate Your Golf Game to New Heights this Winter!  

Get Golf Fit this Winter!

Play Golf Pain Free

Release your restrictions, build strength and mobility to allow yourself to play your best golf pain free. Work with one of our coaches 1-2-1 or utilise our pain protocols via the Macro Golf App. 

Play Pain Free

Gain Speed and Distance

Boost your strength, swing speed and power and become the longest hitter in your group. Whether you train in a gym or at home we have an option for you.

Gain Speed Now

Release your flexibility

Remove the restrictions in your golf swing to gain consistency, speed and control. Feel looser, and unlock your best golf.

Gain More Movement

Transform your lifestyle

Your golf performance is a result of your habits. By building longterm sustainable routines you can finally achieve that goal you've been aiming for. Work with our coaches 1-2-1 or join our Golf Fitness School.

Start My Transformation

How we can help you

Macro Golf App

Get golf fit from anywhere in the world with access to all of our golf fitness content.


1-2-1 Coaching

Work with our award winning TPI Golf Fitness Coaches via our online coaching service.


Golf Fitness School

Join a group of likeminded golfers all looking to improve their body, mind and golf.

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What others are saying


Pro Golfer, Swindon

Changed my speed completely. Allowed me to push my body to limits I didn’t think I had. From 125mph CHS now at max 143mph.


13hcp, Milton Keynes

Visible results with increased movement. Measured approach to change over time, based on my individual ailments and body type.

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