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The next golf fitness school is focussing on sustainable new years habits. 

Golf Fitness School


  • Personalised Training and Mobility Plan
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Habit Building
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Coach on demand throughout the school

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Starts January 2024.

Your holistic solution.


Macro Golf's 'Golf Fitness School' is an online group-based coaching program that focuses on seven key areas: Strength & Fitness, Mobility, Nutrition, Habits, Weight Loss, Speed and Practice.

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Build Strength & Mobility

Recieve personalised plans for fitness, strength, mobility and speed based on your experience and history.

Build Consistency

Make longterm changes by utilising our group format for accountability and motivation on a daily basis.

Build Better Habits

Develop habits and a strong mindset, with strategies for  motivation, overcoming obstacles, and long-term success.

What you can expect


Group coaching sessions

Golfers attend weekly live video sessions led by an expert coach, where they receive personalized guidance, participate in interactive activities, and engage in group discussions.


Personalized golf training plans

Coaches create individualized training plans for each group member, taking into account their fitness level, golfing goals, and any physical limitations or injuries.


Community support

Golfers join a private online community where they can connect with other members, share their progress, ask questions, and receive support and encouragement from their peers.


Habit formation and mindset coaching

The program emphasizes the importance of developing healthy habits and a strong mindset, with coaches providing guidance on strategies for maintaining motivation, overcoming obstacles, and achieving long-term success.