Mobility and flexibility.

Is your lack of flexibility holding you back from playing your best golf?

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Mobility Matters.

The golf swing is a complex movement that requires a combination of flexibility, stability, and power. If you lack necessary mobility, it can lead to compensations, inefficient movements, and potentially injuries.

By performing golf specific mobility training, you can achieve a more efficient and effective golf swing, resulting in improved accuracy, distance, and overall performance.

You are unique.

Our expert golf fitness coaches are dedicated to helping you identify and overcome your specific mobility limitations. Through personalized assessments, we can identify any areas of restricted movement that may be hindering your golf swing.

Whether it's limited hip rotation, tight shoulders, or restricted spinal mobility, our team will create a tailored training plan to address these limitations and maximize your golfing potential.

Our Methodology

Golf Specific

Our mobility training programs incorporate a variety of exercises and stretches that target key areas of the body involved in the golf swing.

More Than Stretching

We utilize dynamic stretching, myofascial release techniques, and functional movements to improve your range of motion, joint stability, and muscular balance.

Holistic Results

Our comprehensive approach ensures that you not only enhance your flexibility but also develop the necessary strength and control to execute powerful and precise swings.

Holistic Results


At Macro Golf, we believe that a well-rounded golfer is one who invests in their body as much as their technique.


Our mobility training program will not only enhance your performance on the course but also reduce the risk of injuries associated with restricted movement.

As you unlock your body's full range of motion, you'll experience improved swing mechanics, increased clubhead speed, and a greater overall sense of fluidity in your game.


What our clients are saying


13hcp, Milton Keynes

Visible results with increased movement, even during the session in person and a consistent and measured approach to change over time, based on my individual ailments and body type.


Golf Blogger

Joe is a real expert when it comes to golf fitness. His advice and guidance has really helped my fitness, flexibility and golf scores! You seriously need to check him out!



15hcp, Newcastle 

I struggle with mobility in my hips and Joe identified that straight away during our assessment and tailored a plan to suit me. The workouts are easy to follow but work so well, can't fault it. 

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