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Macro Golf was created to provide a holistic solution to golf fitness.


The business was formed in 2019 by Joe when he saw a lack of support for professional golfers looking to optimise their physical capabilities to play their best golf.

From what started as a service assisting tour pros, slowly adapted into a holistic methodology of helping golfers of all abilities utilise the benefits of mobility, fitness and nutrition to achieve their goals both on and off the golf course.

By 2022 Macro Golf was working with hundreds of amateur and professional golfers spanning over 3 contents and over 15 countries. 

In September 2022 Macro Golf opened their doors to the first Macro Golf Studio. It was then that Sam joined the team allowing Macro Golf to grow into the business you see today.  

"We provide golfers with a holistic solution to fitness, nutrition and mindset, allowing them to achieve optimal performance on and off the golf course." 


Founder & Coach



As a keen golfer and 10 years experience coaching athletes and populations with chronic illnesses, pain and diseases I saw an opportunity to merge my experience and passion to assist golfers with the physical and mental demands of the game.

I believe in using golf as a motivating tool to make long standing, sustainable changes to lifestyle habits and routines. 

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Director & Coach


For 10 years, I've been a passionate personal trainer and golf strength coach, dedicated to helping golfers improve their performance, strength, and endurance. With a deep understanding of movement and wellness, I create tailored training programs to optimize your game.

As a coach, I prioritize accountability, motivation, and excellence to guide my clients toward their goals. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey that elevates your golf game and redefines your approach to fitness and wellness. Are you ready to unlock your full potential? Let's make it happen, together.

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