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To improve the bodies and minds of amateur golfers. So that they can play their best golf, pain free.

Joe Macro Golf and Chris Ryan Golf in Studio

Joe is the founder and certified golf fitness coach for Macro Golf Online. Joe has spent the last 12 years coaching athletes, sports enthusiasts and the general public to achieve their health, fitness and performance goals and now works specifically with golfers of both professional and amateur status. 

With his experience assisting individuals with chronic illness, disabilities and injury rehabilitation Joe puts a big focus on mobility and longevity to the work he does with his golfers. 

Although golf performance is the targeted end result for many, Joe ensures there is a holistic approach to the golfer's training to ensure health, wellbeing and lifestyle improvements away from golf are also considered. 

After setting up Macro Golf Online in 2019, Joe used his instagram platform @Joe_MacroGolf to spread the importance of a holistic approach to golf fitness and performance coaching. 

This fresh approach to golf fitness coaching has attracted the attention of busy amateur golfers who often struggle to find time through work and family commitments. 

Joe now spends a lot of his time and focus on finding ways for amateur golfers to integrate simple daily habits into their lives to optimise their golf performance, health and wellbeing. 


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