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Our experienced golf fitness coaches specialize in identifying the root causes of pain and developing personalized strategies to address them.

Through a comprehensive assessment of your body mechanics, swing analysis, and understanding of your unique needs, we will tailor a plan specifically designed to reduce your pain and improve your overall golf experience.

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At Macro Golf, our goal is to empower you to play golf pain-free and reach your full potential on the course. We combine our expertise in golf fitness coaching with a deep understanding of your individual needs, helping you overcome pain and enjoy the game for years to come.

Our Methodology

Corrective Exercises

We will guide you through a series of targeted exercises to strengthen weak areas, improve flexibility, and correct imbalances that contribute to pain. These exercises are carefully selected to enhance your golf swing mechanics while reducing stress on vulnerable areas.

 Injury Prevention Strategies

Our coaches will educate you on proper warm-up routines, post-round stretches, and recovery techniques to prevent injuries and keep your body in optimal condition for golf. By adopting these strategies, you'll be able to minimize the risk of pain and enjoy a more sustainable golfing journey.

Swing Analysis

We analyze your golf swing mechanics to identify any movement patterns that may be contributing to pain. Through video analysis and expert guidance, we will work with you to make necessary adjustments to your swing, reducing stress on your body and promoting pain-free play.

What our clients are saying


Beginner, Los Angeles

Went in for a session to help with my back aches from having a baby. Gave me great advice and exercises to do so I can keep playing, would 100% recommend.


25hcp, Hampstead

Sam's attention to detail and commitment to his clients' success is second to none. He has helped me overcome injuries and I couldn't be happier with the results.


Pro Golfer, Bristol

Within a few weeks of following the guidance my back pain went away. Highly recommend. Since then, we have gone on to achieve more goals.

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