Unleashing Your Swing: The Fastest Way to Add Club Head Speed in Golf


In a recent podcast discussion on the Macro Golf Podcast, the topic revolved around one burning question for golf enthusiasts: How can one achieve a faster club head speed? The conversation dived into various methods and techniques, but a unanimous agreement was reached— the fastest way to boost your club head speed is through a simple yet powerful approach: intent.

1. The Need for Speed:

We cannot emphasise enough the significance of having the intent to swing faster. It isn't just a casual suggestion; immerse yourself in the mindset of pushing your limits and physically swinging the club harder. It's simple but adopt the mantra of "swing faster, swing faster, swing faster" during practice sessions.


2. Going All In:

Consistently swinging at 95% effort won't cut it. To see a substantial improvement in club head speed, it's essential to go all in — giving 100% effort in every swing. This dedication is crucial for witnessing a noticeable increase in speed. Anything less than your maximum effort won't move the needle.


3. Speed Training Implements:

While the primary focus is on the mental aspect of swinging faster, some equipment may help. Speed sticks for example might offer a quick boost, but they might not be the most sustainable approach for long-term gains or overall longevity in the game. One key piece of equipment however is a speed radar. Having a way to gain instant feedback will allow your to mentally push to places you have not been before.


4. Comparing Speed-Boosting Techniques:

Whether it's through speed drills, specialized coaching on ground reaction force, a comprehensive warmup, or a friendly long-drive competition on the range, all these approaches act as potential contributors to a speed increase. However, the fastest method, is to simply swing the club with the intent to go faster.


5. Efficiency vs. Speed:

While swinging with intent is the fastest way to boost speed, its worth acknowledging that efficiency in technique and body movements play a crucial role in long-term improvement. We always caution against solely relying on quick fixes and emphasise the importance of working on overall body technique for sustainable results.



In the quest to add club head speed in golf, swing with intent. While speed training tools and other methods can contribute, the sheer dedication to swinging faster is the quickest way to witness tangible improvements. So, the next time you hit the range, remember: it's not just about hitting the ball, but doing so with the intent to unlock your maximum club head speed.


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