From Setback to Swing: A Year-Long Journey of Triumph Over a Slipped Disc

As the year comes to an end, I look back on my own journey and want to share this story with you. For those perhaps injured at the moment or not in your best shape or mindset, hopefully this provides some motivation. 

Last year, I faced a significant setback in my golf journey – a slipped disc that not only hindered my ability to swing a club but also posed a formidable problem for my livelihood.  Little did I know that this setback would become the catalyst for a transformative journey, leading me not just back onto the golf course, but to a new level of performance. Join me as I share my year-long trip from injury to triumph, marked by a rigorous mobility and strength program that saw me reclaiming my love for golf and achieving 125 mph clubhead speed (beating my 118CHS pre injury best)

Part 1: The Setback

A. The Diagnosis

The journey began with the diagnosis of a slipped disc, a condition that left me sidelined and unable to engage in training or golf (my two loves!). The frustration of not being able to train, practice and play really got to me and was a huge struggle mentally.

B. The Limitations

The pain and restrictions posed by the slipped disc led to an involuntary hiatus from all sorts of movements that before I had taken for granted. 

Part 2: The Turning Point

A. Embracing the Challenge

Rather than succumbing to despair, I chose to view this setback as an opportunity for growth. Determined to return to the game stronger than ever, I embarked on a journey of recovery with renewed focus and dedication.

B. Crafting a Plan

So these things can happen but I had definitely made some mistakes along the way. I took for granted my training and golf. Probably ignoring some mobility and definitely proper rest & recovery.  So I designed a meticulous mobility and strength program tailored to my specific needs. This program aimed not only to rehabilitate my injured back but also to enhance my overall physical condition and golf-specific abilities.

Part 3: The Journey of Rehabilitation

A. Initial Struggles

The early stages of rehabilitation were not without challenges. Patience and consistency were needed as I was back to the basics. Small movements to loosen the surrounding areas and subtle core strengthening exercises. 

B. Small Wins and Milestones

Celebrate the small wins! As each day brought incremental progress, I celebrated newfound flexibility, reduced pain, and regained strength. These milestones fueled my determination to persevere.

Part 4: Back to Golf!

A. Gradual Return

With the green light from my Physio, I cautiously reintroduced golf into my routine. Starting with gentle swings and focusing on technique, I navigated the comeback trail with careful optimism. This was one of the hardest parts to stay patient and not just banging Driver! 

B. Consistency Pays Off

Consistency was key. Regularly adhering to my mobility and strength program, I witnessed not only a return to my pre-injury form but an elevation in my general performance.

Part 5: Triumph Achieved

A. Reclaiming the Swing

One year after the initial setback, I not only regained the ability to swing a golf club but exceeded my pre-injury expectations. The combination of disciplined rehabilitation, strength training, and a newfound appreciation for the journey led to a remarkable turnaround to shoot my lowest ever rounds 

B. 125 MPH Clubhead Speed

A testament to the effectiveness of the program, I achieved a remarkable clubhead speed of 125 mph—a testament to the power of resilience, dedication, and a well-crafted plan.


My journey from a slipped disc to a triumphant return to the golf course is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance, proper rehabilitation, and a commitment to one's passion. The setbacks of yesterday became the stepping stones to the achievements of today. As I continue to evolve in my golf journey, I share this story with the hope that it inspires others facing similar challenges to embrace their setbacks as opportunities for growth and eventual triumph. The greens are waiting, and with dedication, anything is possible.

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