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Get access to my Weight Loss for Golfers online Training Plan.

All sessions are recorded and delivered by TPI Golf Fitness Certified Coach - Joe Macro Golf


I have written this course to provide everything you need to start optimising your golf, your body, your work life, your family life and pretty much everything else. 


These methods have been collected from psychology, mindset performance, life coaching, physiology, human behaviour, mindfulness and more areas of historical research. 

I have implemented them across a range of professional and amateur golfers in my 1-2-1 coaching and now I am giving this opportunity to you. 

There is a lot of information in this course, but I have attempted to lay it out in an easy to follow structure. 

You will be given information on a variety of topics, all divided into sections. This course has no time limit, meaning you can (and should) refer back to it on a regular basis. We will cover the habits needed to make the necessary changes, but also full training plans and mobility exercises to follow at your own pace. 


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The term ‘Macro’ is defined as a large-scale, overall approach. 


When looking to succeed in anything, addressing all aspects that contribute to the outcome will produce the best results. This also means that small improvements, across many areas, will add up to a significant change on a macro level. 

This allows us to avoid drastic intervention. It promotes subtle, consistent change that accumulates over time. 

A Macro Golfer does not adopt an all or nothing approach. 

They understand that multiple factors will contribute to their success both on and off the course. 

Daily habits, that with each small action push them closer to the golfer they want to be, living the life they want to live in the body they want to have. 

This is the way of the Macro Golfer, and this is what you are going to learn in this course. 


Becoming a Macro Golfer is simply a change in mindset. 

This change in mindset will provide a sense of relief. 


Once you know that every daily action you take is moving you towards your goal, instead of away from it, time is on your side. That bad round of golf no longer matters. That training session you missed, not a problem. That takeaway and bottle of wine, no one died. 

We are looking at the bigger picture. 

Once your daily actions are aligned with your goals and values you will see everything in a new light. 

Becoming a Macro Golfer is a change both on and off the course.


At work and at home. In the gym and in the pub.


This process will interlock all areas of your life to provide optimal performance across the board. 

Everything is linked.